Keith Tabatznik and ktsoccerworld is available for services in the following areas:

Team Clinics: On any aspect of the game your team needs. Some of the specialty clinics include topics such as:

  • Developing touch and fast footwork
  • Combination play
  • Possession to create
  • Pressing Defense
  • Technical sessions on going to goal, crossing, finishing

These are a sample of some of the most asked for clinics.   We will tailor any clinic to your team's needs.

Coaching Clinics: Does your club need some guidance for the coaches?  Ktsoccerworld can come out and put on coaching clinics on many different topics - either on the field and/or in the "classroom". Examples are:

  • What does A Model Training Session Look Like?
  • Fitness with the Ball
  • Methods of Coaching
  • Team Management
  • Principles of Play

College Information Sessions: Keith Tabatznik's 22 years as Head Coach at Georgetown University has made him one the absolute experts on everything to do with the college selection process:

  • How do coaches recruit and what can you do to help yourself get on their radar?
  • What factors go in to deciding on your college?
  • Funding a college education.
  • The application process and things that help you advance your chances for admissions.
  • NCAA rules for prospective student-athletes?

These and many more tips on how to go about making one of the most important decisions of one's life are put together in Information sessions that can be done for teams, organizations or at tournaments.

Individual and Team Assessments: Ktsoccerworld will watch your games and write up a detailed report on your performance and what areas you need to improve on for the next level. It will be an honest and thorough evaluation of where you are currently and where you may be able to go. The rest is up to you! This process is ideal for sophomores and juniors. We will sit down with your families after the evaluation to discuss the college process. THIS IS NOT A COLLEGE PLACEMENT SERVICE. The evaluation is an aid for your soccer development with advice tailored specifically for you on colleges to consider. (This evaluation requires a minimum of 5 players from the same team.) The same assessment can be made for a team. We look at a team as if we are scouting it.   What are the strengths and weaknesses? If we were the coach, what would we identify as the areas most in need of improvement? This along with recommendations as to how to improve these areas will be part of the package.

Pre-Season: Whether you are a High School, college or club team we can help you be more effective. Ktsoccerworld can do actual training and fitness sessions for your team and/or we can do an evaluation of how you run your pre-season. A detailed written report will supplement one on one talks with the coaches. Ideas on training sessions, more effective use of time and resources (space, assistants, etc) will be included in the report.

Rates are dependant on the number of sessions or days and travel. Structuring sessions to your needs is the most important aspect of what we do. For scheduling a service and more information, please contact us at

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Last summer we visited Swarthmore College for 3 days. Below is their testimonial:

"The opportunity to have Keith Tabatznik evaluate our pre-season training was invaluable to us.  His critiques were extremely helpful in making us more efficient, more focused, and more productive in our training sessions throughout the season.  Tabatznik's presentation of information was direct, objective, and succinct, which gave us a high level of confidence in his ideas.  We continued to refer back to the comments and ideas we received from the pre-season evaluation throughout the year.  Keith Tabatznik's evaluation of our pre-season training program was possibly the most valuable assessment I have ever received professionally."

Eric Wagner - Head Coach, Swarthmore College